Frank Lee

Photo of a frank lee


Frank Lee is a fictitous name of an artist. They are a sculptor from Gräs ö, Sweden. They studied at Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, receiving both a BA and first Honours in set and costume design. They were forced to give up their design career due to health reasons. They live and work in Hong Kong.

Frank Lee has a first class honours degree in Set and Costume Design. Previously, as an actor, Frank was fascinated by the ‘layer cake’ that overlays the protagonist’s true motivations and the ultimate outcomes. The character’s desires, fears, and other emotions are always hidden below intentional and unintentional deceits. More layers are added as the other characters superimpose their prejudices and their own desires. The story nearly always fishtails in the most unexpected directions.

In Frank’s Set Design work, each object is not only put on stage to frame the environment of the story in time and space, but also to communicate these multiple veneers, the protagonist’s journey. It is this angle the Frank wants to explore in her artwork without the restrictions of the story of a play.

The artist likes to echo her emotional interpretation of history and the human condition in reshaping everyday objects. The main piece, ‘Rendering Compliance’, looks at how the unwritten etiquette of submission and masked feelings that we learn around the dining table are echoed and shape, not just family life, but expand and reflect all areas of society.

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