Artist Bao Ho featured at GONG HEI Oui.Gallery HK Launch

Bao Ho, Snake 1, 2019. 12 in x 16 in, Ink on canvas.

Featured Image: Bao Ho, Snake 1, 2019. 12 in x 16 in, Ink on canvas.

Do you know the work of self-taught street artist @simplebao? Bao Ho’s work is found all around Hong Kong and if you enter offices such as Google Hong Kong, you will find her style of mural surrounding you. As part of “GONG HEI”, Bao is showing paintings she made on canvas of stylish characters.

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Bao Ho

Born and based in Hong Kong, Bao is a self-taught artist known for her freestyle murals and illustrations. She started her professional career in 2015. Bao has a distinctive style: monochromic art with tightly packed figures including human bodies, animals, flowers and patterns. Her large-scale mural works are transformed into other forms of art through the collaborations with international brands, and she has travelled and worked on projects in all corners of the globe including Australia, Switzerland, UK, France, Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan, Indonesia, Italy and Czech Republic.