Announcing Arlene Creates Solo Show

Join us for a celebration of Arlene Rosengarten’s life and artwork. This show’s goal is to raise awareness for ALS. All works are NFS (Not For Sale). The show is curated by De’joneiro Jones. Details Updates More about Arlene Arlene Rosengarten was an artist. Born November 30, 1942, her work of art was her life… Continue reading Announcing Arlene Creates Solo Show

Interview with Artist Mee Jey

Who is Mee Jey or is that Mee and Jey? You are right in both stances. I am Mee Jey and my partner is Jey Sushil. We together are called Mee & Jey.  Tell us a little bit about your most recent work.  Currently I have two parallel and related projects, both happening in St.… Continue reading Interview with Artist Mee Jey

GEORGE FLOYD by Willpower

Single released from upcoming art album Oui are excited to announce Willpower’s first artwork off his artwork album titled GEORGE FLOYD. Please listen and spread the sounds. Listen to the Single Contact us about Willpower

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of Protests & Plagues

Uncertain Times Makes Meaning Oui.Gallery was created to bring emerging art from Saint Louis and Hong Kong to the world. That took the form of emerging artists in Saint Louis and started similar in Hong Kong, working on “emerging innovative art shows.” We started with a simple two part show in Saint Louis featuring Aaron… Continue reading of Protests & Plagues

Happy New Year 2020…

Thankyou for Being Part of Oui Happy New Year 2020! Could the last year be anymore interesting? We are cleaning up the space, cleaning up our website, cleaning up the inventory and spending time with family recounting the entire year. We have more thoughts, but its important to let you know, Oui are here no… Continue reading Happy New Year 2020…

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Aaron Owens is an Geographer (and Artist)

Oui.Gallery Interviews St. Louis Based Aaron Owens Featured Image: Aaron Owens, Trees in Early Spring, 2018. 100cm x 134cm, Archival color pigmented print. Introduction of the artist Contemporary artist Aaron Owens lives in St. Louis, USA, and claims to be a map drafter from Missouri, USA. He uses drones to capture marginalized landscapes and then… Continue reading Aaron Owens is an Geographer (and Artist)

Frank Lee: The Last Grain

Subsumption Artist Frank Lee Discusses Hunger Featured Image: Frank Lee, The Last Grain, 2019. 15 cm x 15 cm, Porcelain spoon and bowl on wooden light box. Height variable, 5 unique pieces in series.. Frank Lee’s first solo art show is up at Oui.Gallery Hong Kong. They released a writing about a series of 5… Continue reading Frank Lee: The Last Grain

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Kwan Q Li: Strolling Along the Periphery of Mainstream Discourse

Oui.Gallery Interviews Kwan Q Li from Hong Kong Featured Image: Kwan Q Li, Time Factory, 2018. Performance. Photo: Pan Chan Introduction of the artist Currently based in Hong Kong, Kwan Q Li is perhaps the most dedicated in crafting performance-based situations coalesced with writing, presentation and installation, and recently delivered performance lectures at various institutions including the… Continue reading Kwan Q Li: Strolling Along the Periphery of Mainstream Discourse

Frank Lee is a Fictitious Artist Name

Oui.Gallery Interviews Frank Lee from Sweden Introduction of the artist Frank Lee has a first class honours degree in Set and Costume Design. Previously, as an actor, Frank was fascinated by the layer cake that overlays the protagonist’s true motivations and the ultimate outcomes. The character’s desires, fears, and emotions are always hidden below intentional… Continue reading Frank Lee is a Fictitious Artist Name