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Uncertain Times Makes Meaning

Oui.Gallery was created to bring emerging art from Saint Louis and Hong Kong to the world. That took the form of emerging artists in Saint Louis and started similar in Hong Kong, working on “emerging innovative art shows.”

We started with a simple two part show in Saint Louis featuring Aaron Owens and our most recent show in our Hong Kong space, SUBSUMPTION, along with press, was received quite well. Our most recent show, Cryptology, featured the work of Matt Hope using discarded Bitcoin Miners to create an arch, collaboratively with attendees.

We put on shows. We sold art. Rinse and Repeat, Right?

No one could have expected the Hong Kong Protests starting March 15, 2019, which are still ongoing. And, no one could have expected the recent Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak from China to Hong Kong and now global.

Right now, its unclear if the largest art event in Hong Kong, Art Basel Hong Kong will take place. And, seems that non-Chinese are not wanting to come to Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese are being blocked from entering Hong Kong in various ways. Disneyland is closed indefinitely.

And that is where our minds are at at present. Where do we go? We have ideas, we have experience and we want to discuss next steps with your input.

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