Arlene Creates

Arlene Creates Courtroom Sketches

The first solo exhibition of the late Arlene Rosengarten featuring her courtroom sketches and paintings. Supporting the show are paintings by her father, and artists work related to Arlene including Tula Mathews, Matt Meiners, Sushil Jey and more.

The show is a celebration of Arlene Rosengarten’s life and artwork.

This show’s goal is to raise awareness for ALS. All works are NFS (Not For Sale).

The show is curated by De’joneiro Jones.


  • Friday, December 9, 5-8 pm the show opened.
  • The show is up at least until December 31, 2022.
  • Selkirk’s Gallery at the front of Selkirk’s Auction House
    • Downtown Saint Louis
    • Selkirk’s, 555 Washington Ave 2nd fl, St. Louis, MO 63101
    • Google Map (click here)


  • Podcast by STLINTUNE interviewing curator De’Joneiro Jones and Selkirk’s, Bryan Laughlin about Arlene Creates art show (Click here)
  • Arlene Creates Press Kit PDF (Click here)

More about Arlene

Arlene Rosengarten was an artist. Born November 30, 1942, her work of art was her life on Earth that lasted nearly 80 years. She transitioned on September 13, 2022 after 3 years of fighting ALS. Her paintings documented her life that spanned across her interests from 50 years of sales in the promotions industry to her bold social life to her love of “numbers” and mysticism to her courtroom sketch artwork that covered several key legal cases. Arlene’s artworks are a map of connections that you may be able to unlock.


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