Matt Hope’s Zerowaste Artwork Transforms Energy at Hong Kong Art Week Ahead of Climate Change Apocalypse

Artist Matt Hope’s ‘Breathing Bike’ Cleaned Beijing Air, Now Brings Community of People and Projects to Breakerspace Mobile Studio, Oui.Gallery and The Clubhouse Hong Kong Monday, March 25, March 26, March 27, March 28, March 29 & March 30.


Hong Kong — March 22, 2019 – Today, a series of “#ZEROWASTE” projects was announced by artist Matt Hope happening during Hong Kong Art Week supported by Oui.Gallery, Fabricatorz, Qi Hardware, HK Walls, Ueber Format and The Clubhouse Hk. Starting Monday March 25 every day from 10 am until 6 pm continuing until Friday March 29, Matt Hope and Fabricatorz are collecting waste and e-waste in Hong Kong and breaking the waste down into component parts in order to build Matt Hope’s Entropic Bodies cooling suits.

“It’s the year 2049, its 39 Celsius with 100% humidity outside. Unless you wear a special electric cooling suit you won’t last more than 5 hours,” said Beijing-based artist Matt Hope. “The trouble is you can’t afford to buy a cooling suit. At your own peril, you build your own cooling suit with what you have and can scavenge.”

On Monday March 25, Matt Hope and Fabricatorz meet at 10 AM at Breakerspace HK #WASTEZERO at the Pedder Street Stairs at Hollywood & Pedder to both collect e-waste, break down e-waste and begin transformation of parts into cooling suits. Matt Hope invites anyone to participate in both the making of suits and wearing of the suits. At 6 PM on Monday until 9 PM, all are invited to join the #ZEROWASTE #STREET #ART #PARTY at #WASTEZERO at Chu’s Fine Art at 1 Hollywood Road joined by demonstration of the first cooling suits along with wine and an art collectors VIP happening. Also, closing that night is Oui.Gallery’s GONG HEI exhibition providing live street art painting by Hong Kong-based international artist’s Mr. Barlo (Gianluca “Luca” Crudele) and Simple Bao (Bao Ho) painting on an 18th Century Tibetan works provided by Chu’s Fine Arts.

“‘Entropic bodies’ is a participant engaged project re-purposing e-waste to make one-person-heat-survival-suits I am calling “cooling suits”,” said artist Matt Hope. “Supplied with one ubiquitous white paint suit, volunteers, visitors and collaborators will be encouraged to search and bring their own e-waste from the Hong Kong area to build their own suit. Please bring useful items including: packing foam, electric wire, foam board, rechargeable batteries, electric connectors and insulation foil. We will provide assistance and tools for construction.”

On Tuesday March 26, Matt Hope and Fabricatorz will meet again at Hollywood & Pedder (top of the stairs) to go on a #ZEROWASTE hike to gather e-waste and test out cooling suits. The hike will be over Victoria Peak towards the beach and back. Press and media are welcome to join.

On Wednesday March 27, Thursday March 28 and Friday March 29, Matt Hope and Fabricatorz set up a residency at The Clubhouse HK in Wanchai, called Breakerspace HK #ROOFZERO. Breakers are invited to join daily from 10 am until 6 pm in bringing, gathering, breaking down and building up e-waste into Entropic Bodies cooling suits.

On Friday March 29, from 6-8 PM, all are invited to join Matt Hope and Fabricatorz for a public party with drinks at the Rooftop of The Clubhouse HK in Wan Chai debuting the Entropic Bodies cooling suits available for purchase with the cryptocurrency Hope Coins, based upon Ethereum.

“Announced earlier, people who donate e-waste or their time for Matt Hope’s Entropic Bodies project are able on-site to exchange time for Hope Coins,” said Jon Phillips from Qi Hardware and Oui.Gallery. “During the entire ZEROWASTE Week at all Breakerspace HK locations, you will be able to exchange e-waste for Hope Coins. Currently you are able to convert e-waste at Oui.Gallery in central Hong Kong.”

The final event of Matt Hope’s Entropic Bodies project is a surprise guest group art show opening at Oui.Gallery, featuring Matt Hope’s Entropic bodies and guided drawings, all available in fiat and Hope Coins, to be announced Monday March 26 at the #ZEROWASTE #STREET #ART #PARTY.

“Matt Hope’s vision for Entropic Bodies is bigger than art and is about transforming people’s current thinking about energy usage and waste into a primary theme in daily life,” said Oui.Gallery Co-founder, Director and Hong Kong native, Redelle Lee. “Oui will do our part in providing the canvas and resources in Hong Kong for a new generation of artwork that consider energy and waste as a central feature in Oui supported artwork and shows.”

Matt Hope Entropic Bodies Full Schedule

  • Mon, Mar 25: Breakerspace HK #WASTEZERO @ Pedder & Hollywood
  • 10 AM – 06 PM: Matt Hope, Fabricatorz, e-waste/Hope Coin Exchange

  • Tue, Mar 26: Breakerspace HK #ZEROWASTE #Hike @ Pedder & Hollywood
  • 10 AM – 06 PM: Matt Hope, Fabricatorz, Press, cooling suite hike to beach

  • Wed, Mar 27: Breakerspace HK #ROOFZERO @ The Clubhouse HK Rooftop
  • 10 AM – 05 PM: Matt Hope, Fabricatorz, e-waste/Hope Coin Exchange

  • Thu, Mar 28: Breakerspace HK #ROOFZERO @ The Clubhouse HK Rooftop
  • 10 AM – 06 PM: Matt Hope, Fabricatoz, e-waste/Hope Coin Exchange

  • Fri, Mar 29: Breakerspace HK #ROOFZERO @ The Clubhouse HK Rooftop
  • 10 AM – 06 PM: Matt Hope, Fabricatorz, e-waste/Hope Coin Exchange
  • 06 PM – 08 PM: Entropic Bodies & Drinks at The Clubhouse HK Rooftop
  • 07 PM – 08 PM: Oui.Gallery Entropic Bodies Surprise VIP Group Art Show
  • 08 PM – 10 PM: Oui.Gallery Entropic Bodies Private Invite-only Opening

  • Sat, Mar 30: Oui.Gallery Entropic Bodies Show Open to the Public
  • 10 AM – 03 PM: Matt Hope Artworks available for viewing
  • 03 PM – 05 PM: Oui.Talk with Matt Hope, Gianluca “Luca” Crudele, Kingson Chan Kin Sing

About Matt Matt Hope

Matt Hope (born 1976, London, U.K.) lives and works in Beijing, China. Hope received his M.F.A. from the University of California, San Diego in 2004. Selected recent solo exhibitions include Art Lights up Life: People’s Power Station – Lighting Up Project, Guangzhou, China, 2016; Sun Dragon Hardware, Ace Gallery, Los Angeles, 2015; and Spectrum Divide, Saamlung Gallery, Hong Kong, China, 2012. Selected recent group exhibitions include Desert Island – Epicenter Projects, Coachella Valley Art Center Indio, California, 2017; Shenzhen Biennale of Contemporary Art, Shenzhen, China, 2017; BI-City Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture, Shenzhen, China, 2016; BOOSTER: Art Sound Machine, MARTA Herford Contemporary Art Museum, Herford, Germany, 2016; The Solutions, International Design Exhibition, Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu, China, 2011; and What if, Beijing International Design Triennial, China National Museum, Beijing, China, 2011.

About Breakerspaces

Breaking down the work of art. Breakerspaces is a movement to create media art residencies around the world, particularly inside tech innovation hubs and office parks. Tech cannot be created without art and art does not work without technology. The concept invented by artist Matt Hope, debuted with Breakerspace STL, a residency lasting the entire month of April 2018 at CIC St. Louis in the Cortex Innovation District. The 2nd Breakerspace takes place in two locations from March 25-30 during Hong Kong Art Week: Breakerspace HK #WASTEZERO at Pedder & Hollywood and Breakerspace HK #ROOFZERO at The Clubhouse HK in Wan Chai.

About The Clubhouse HK

The Clubhouse is an unconventional pop-up gallery and event venue during HKwalls and Hong Kong Art Month. Open March 23 to 31, 12pm to 8pm.

About Qi Hardware

Qi Hardware is a non-profit bringing together: Cryptocurrency Blockchain Software & Hardware Innovators, Open Source Software and Hardware Developers, and Enthusiasts of Cryptocurrency, China and Shenzhen.

About Fabricatorz Foundation

Fabricatorz Foundation supports creative technologists with community-focused initiatives that drive innovation through art and technology. The Foundation is made up of a team who have lead projects for Fortune 500 companies, A-list international artists, top museums, galleries, and educational institutions around the world. Notable sponsored projects include Bassel Khartabil Fellowship, New Palmyra, and Qi Hardware.

About Oui.Gallery

Oui.Gallery is an international contemporary art gallery featuring emerging artists and making innovative shows in Hong Kong and Saint Louis. Oui.Gallery Hong Kong is located at 10/fl 1009 Yu Yuet Lai Building, 43-55 Wyndham St, Central, Hong Kong

About HK Walls

HKwalls is a non-profit arts organisation that aims to create opportunities for local and international artists to showcase their talent in Hong Kong and internationally through the mediums of street art and street culture. They celebrate creativity, originality and freedom of expression; actively work on connecting and building relationships with artists, the community and organisations worldwide through high-quality public art, while making the creative process is accessible to all.

HKwalls holds an annual street art festival in Hong Kong during Hong Kong’s art month each March, as well as year round programming that focuses on artists’ career development and raising awareness through the arts. []

About Ueber Format

Ueberformat is a creative arts consultancy – striving to empower and amplify the creative voices. Ueberformat want to be the partner, guardian and cheerleader for the creatives. Ueberformat does this by creating events, manage artists, connect brands with ideas and engage people of all walks of life around the globe.

Ueberformat works with audiences, organizations, events, businesses, artists in over 25 countries on 4 continents. Ueberformat prides ourselves in connecting “the dots” to create inclusive circles.

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