OPENCALL for Artwork Proposals

OPENCALL for artwork proposals

OPENCALL for Artwork Proposals from Contemporary Artists for Oui.Gallery Hong Kong

Oui.Gallery invites artists to submit artwork proposals to be considered for an upcoming show, OPENCALL. Oui.Gallery is the only project space in Central Hong Kong and offers a platform for artists to emerge. Artwork proposals are not limited by medium. Artists are encouraged to submit their best concept. Whether that is done as painting, sculpture, video, installation, architecture, design or digital media, is up to the artist.

Oui.Gallery will select 10 artworks to be presented in the Oui.Gallery Hong Kong OPENCALL show. This might be 10 artworks from one artist, or 1 artwork from 10 artists. Art is not only about making art. It is also about relationships and synchronicity. Submit your best work and come by the gallery to meet us and investigate the space. Artists are encouraged to ask questions on social media and in-person to make the best proposal possible.

Living and working in Hong Kong is not a requirement for this project. However, Hong Kong and Saint Louis connections are preferred. This call is open to the entire world of artists. Guidelines are bent.

Proposal Guidelines

  • Include a 4 sentence biography
  • Include a link to your portfolio or attach a PDF of your work, showing most recent projects.
  • Include a proposed artwork (project) as a link or attach a PDF.
  • DEADLINE: Friday, August 30, 2019.
  • SUBMIT: your proposal to: [email protected]
  • OPTIONALLY: share your concept online by tagging us in social media with @ouigallery and #opencall. Artists publishing their participation publicly will receive special attention.

About the gallery

Oui. Gallery is an international gallery founded in St. Louis, Missouri in 2018. Later, Oui opened a new space in Central, Hong Kong. Oui. Gallery is devoted to cooperating with emerging artists and making innovative shows.

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